Loading optimizations and more

/ März 6, 2022/ Allgemein

Hello. I had some time lately. So I did some things on the Native Web. To improve the asynchronous load performance, I decided to load the small material files synchronously. Then I refactored all the loading stuff into a „Resource“ baseclass. Which derives from a „Loadable“ and „Downloadable“ class. So every Resource now can be loaded synchronously and asynchronously and


First Text Rendering

/ Februar 5, 2021/ Allgemein

Finally I was able to implement a first version of text rendering. Now showing the obligatory „Hello World“. The text engine uses Freetype to create a texture for every glyph. These textures are then mapped on quads. The quad vertices are created to match there glyph. This quad is then transformed based on the glyph’s position and dimension inside the


Picking and Rendertargets working for all 3D APIs

/ Mai 5, 2020/ Allgemein

Although the output is still the same, a lot now happened in the background. First of all the output is the same again for DirectX, OpenGL and OpenGL ES. There was support for multiple rendertargets added. What is now used for picking.The 3D globe and the 2D triangle is now also rendered(as an ID) into an integer pickbuffer. Therefore the


Picking and Rendertargets

/ April 25, 2020/ Allgemein

Thanks to Corona, I had some more time lately to go on with Native Web development. After I created the Picking for DirectX and implementing it in OpenGL, I found some issues that needed a refactoring. Mainly Rendertarget handling, Shader Variable handling and effect design. Therefore I implemented a new way of rendertarget/framebuffer handling, I simplified the effectfiles, so that



/ Juni 17, 2019/ Allgemein

Hello All. Good news! Picking is finished for DirectX API.OpenGL implementation partially finished, some details are still needed here. Progress is ongoing.But I’m sure I can finish it soon.

Latest development

/ März 20, 2019/ Allgemein

Hello all. First of all THIS PROJECT IS STILL ALIVE. But at the moment I have a lot of other things to do, so I do not have the time to push this project forward as I would like to. Anyway, some things happened lately. First of all, I added height to the planet! So at the moment it looks


Planet LOD

/ Mai 24, 2018/ Allgemein

Here you can see the new Level-of-detail feature in action! This sphere has 2 sublevels. The sublevels get loaded in the background so they will plop-in. The lod is selected based on distance. Sadly at the moment the loading and the rendering use the same distance. It would make sense to start loading a bit earlier. When loaded the meshes


New Design

/ Mai 2, 2018/ Allgemein

Hello All. I found the earlier theme somewhat annoying. Therefore I switched to a new theme. This one is faster and cleaner. From now on I will also post the latest news on this website again and share it via facebook. Have Fun! Ulrich

Input Milestone done and latest updates

/ Januar 5, 2016/ Allgemein

Hi all just a few words here. For latest news on this project, please see the projects facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/thenativeweb And by the way the input milestone is done. I’m going for 2D rendering now.