Loading optimizations and more

/ März 6, 2022/ Allgemein


I had some time lately. So I did some things on the Native Web.
To improve the asynchronous load performance, I decided to load the small material files synchronously.
Then I refactored all the loading stuff into a „Resource“ baseclass. Which derives from a „Loadable“ and „Downloadable“ class.
So every Resource now can be loaded synchronously and asynchronously and only has to implement an onLoadFinished method.
Resource files which are not available locally are downloaded when available. 
The download part was implemented with the help of libcurl.

Further I removed all dependencies to D3DX as they are deprecated now. I replaced the few methods with DirectXTex and D3Dcompiler.

I also started to refactor the model paths in the resources. So that meshes, materials and textures belonging to one model are all now in there own model folder.
This is not finished yet. I will let you not when it is done.

So far, 

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