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/ März 20, 2019/ Allgemein

Hello all.

But at the moment I have a lot of other things to do, so I do not have the time to push this project forward as I would like to.
Anyway, some things happened lately.
First of all, I added height to the planet! So at the moment it looks like an asteroid. I also generate textures by height values but this does not work properly, yet. Have a look at that screenshot:

The Asteroid

But for now it was more important to correctly handle the level-of-detail and the asynchronos loading.

As you can see this triangle, I also reactivated 2d rendering and tightened some stuff to get it running again.

To further improve the planet rendering etc. it would be helpful to have some live on-screen output and some buttons to switch options.
So I decided to go for all the 2d things(buttons, text,…) now.
One needed basic technology for this to work is called „picking“, the possibility to select/click something. This is what I am currently working on when I have the time to.

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