Current Status

/ Mai 26, 2015/ Allgemein

Project for Android nearly complete. Jenkins CI Server installed and ready to compile. Still have some header issues. Static configurations needed. Architecture for Input is also really far. Implementation can start soon. Next steps are: Finalizing Android builds. Adding static linking configuration to projects and run this configs on Jenkins. Implementing Input

Milestone 2 done

/ April 28, 2015/ Allgemein

Finally the Linux Version is ready to render. The screenshot is taken from a Linux Mint 17.1 Rebecca. With OpenGL 3.0 from Mesa.

Milestone 2 nearly done

/ April 14, 2015/ Allgemein

Finally the linux version is compiling and linking and I can debug. There is still one issue left. The SDL Window cannot be created. And fails with an error. But this should be fixed soon.

Native Web Supporter Event

/ März 18, 2015/ Allgemein

I started an official Native Web Supporter Event. Where supporters are invited to contribute to my Indiegogo Campaign. You can also join it here:

Indiegogo Campaign is now online

/ März 11, 2015/ Allgemein

The Indiegogo campaign is now online! You’ll find it under If possible please support it!

Going for milestone 2

/ März 7, 2015/ Allgemein

Started implementation of OpenGL (4). File creation and first refactoring done. Updated Glew. Context creation added as well as setting buffers to GPU.

The new logo

/ März 4, 2015/ Allgemein

The offcial Native web logo(here: different sizes and without text) is out now:

Hello World!

/ Februar 6, 2015/ Allgemein

Welcome to the next evolutionary step of the Internet. The native web. This is the homepage of this new technology currently in development by Ulrich Beckert. To continue development a crowdfunding campaign was started at Indiegogo. If possible please support it here: This is the official and open development blog. It will be updated from time to time, whenever a new feature