Milestone 2 done

/ April 28, 2015/ Allgemein

Finally the Linux Version is ready to render. The screenshot is taken from a Linux Mint 17.1 Rebecca. With OpenGL 3.0 from Mesa.

Milestone 2 nearly done

/ April 14, 2015/ Allgemein

Finally the linux version is compiling and linking and I can debug. There is still one issue left. The SDL Window cannot be created. And fails with an error. But this should be fixed soon.

Native Web Supporter Event

/ März 18, 2015/ Allgemein

I started an official Native Web Supporter Event. Where supporters are invited to contribute to my Indiegogo Campaign. You can also join it here:

Indiegogo Campaign is now online

/ März 11, 2015/ Allgemein

The Indiegogo campaign is now online! You’ll find it under If possible please support it!

Going for milestone 2

/ März 7, 2015/ Allgemein

Started implementation of OpenGL (4). File creation and first refactoring done. Updated Glew. Context creation added as well as setting buffers to GPU.

The new logo

/ März 4, 2015/ Allgemein

The offcial Native web logo(here: different sizes and without text) is out now:

Hello World!

/ Februar 6, 2015/ Allgemein

Welcome to the next evolutionary step of the Internet. The native web. This is the homepage of this new technology currently in development by Ulrich Beckert. To continue development a crowdfunding campaign was started at Indiegogo. If possible please support it here: This is the official and open development blog. It will be updated from time to time, whenever a new feature