Hi, my name is Ulrich.

I’m a professional software developer since 2005. In 2010 I founded the ROULIO Group GmbH to work as a freelancer. I called it group because I wrote and published a book about Direct3D9 programming under the name ROULIO Press. I also did some hardware development and of course software development. So these are 3 different divisions. To be future-proof I decided to call it group. Which could contain ROULIO Press, ROULIO Software and ROULIO Hardware. You see I always try to think ahead 🙂

Anyway. The only thing I do now is developing software. I’m an expert in graphics and shader programming. As well as algorithm development. I did a lot here in projects(please look at www.roulio.com) but also in my spare time. Because software development is also my hobby.

What a combination… 🙂

It’s good that I also play soccer, otherwise, I guess I would have 100 kilos or so.

I live in Schönberg, bavaria, with my wife and my three kids.

My little girl is just a few weeks old. My boys are 5 and 8.
Needless to say that calm hours are scarce.

But now to this project. After ten years working for other companies I now try to push my own project which I started in my spare-time. But to do it right, I need to do it full-time else I’m much too slow and cannot concentrate on that.

It would be nice if you could help and support me. You can do this here

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